Summary of the Eleanor Foundation (“EF”)


The Eleanor Foundation was created in August 2012 following the tragic death of Eleanor Carey at the age of 22 in December 2011 whilst cycling in London. She had been studying International Development at London Metropolitan University. Ellie believed strongly in the importance of sustainable development and had a particular interest in water, sanitation and hygiene issues. The Foundation was therefore established by her family and friends with a view to addressing the issues that were of such importance to her.

Since the beginning of 2014, the Foundation has been working in North West Tanzania and has been principally facilitating the installation of improved water sources – shallow wells and spring protection schemes – in rural communities in the districts of Chato (Geita Province) and Biharamulo (Kagera Province).

The Eleanor Foundation believes in working in partnership with individuals and communities so as to create the opportunities to bring about positive changes to peoples’ lives. By improving access to these basic needs we are providing the communities with the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through their own efforts.



  • EF is a Guernsey registered charity (CH425) and was established in August 2012.
  • EF was originally set up as an unincorporated body and converted into a company limited by guarantee during 2018.
  • There are seven directors who meet approximately every two months.
  • The Foundation is a member of the Association of Guernsey Charities.
  • The structure of the Foundation, whereby all governance and administration costs are covered externally, means that 100% of funds raised are applied to projects.


  • EF Tanzania (“EFT”) is a company limited by guarantee registered in Tanzania. There are three directors: Allister Carey is chairman, Ray Naluyaga, Sospeter Rwegoshora and Dennis Mazali.  The directors provide their services in a voluntary capacity and are unpaid.
  • EFT has two employees who work from our office in Biharamulo. The manager is Godfrey Gahanga and he is assisted by Rehema Rutta. Godfrey Gahanga’s credentials include: Degree: Bachelor of Community Development, Tumaini University, Iringa University College 2010-2013; Research Study: Challenges facing safe and clean water supply in rural areas, case study Iringa Rural District 2012-2013; Course on sustainable agricultural practice delivered by ECHO in Arusha 2015. He previously worked for Tumaini Fund, Chato (Sept 2013 – April 2016) where his principal duties included community mobilisation on water, sanitation and hygiene programmes in several villages as well as planning and budgeting of different projects.